Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Distressed Painted Table Tutorial

Hi everyone.! Here's a tutorial of a fun painting style using chalk paint.

Here's a quick recipe for chalk paint, in case you missed my previous posts on the subject.
It's the best paint recipe to use for distressed finishes and it will adhere to anything.

Chalk Paint Recipe in 5 Steps
Supplies needed: latex paint color of choice, non sanded grout (or in this case plaster of paris), water, a mixing cup and mixing stick.

                 Step 1 pour paint into mixing cup. 
 Step 2 add 2 TB of grout or plaster for every cup of paint
Step 3: Stir dry plaster and paint to incorporate
Step 4: Add 1 TB of warm water 
Step 5: Stir to combine. You want the paint to be a little thick, like sour cream consistency. 

Ok, now for the table to be painted. 
Materials gathered: Chalk paint ingredients, old candle,  scraper, mixing sticks, fine sanding block
This little beauty had some fun details that needed to be highlighted with distressing. This table has two colors of paint layered for a little extra fun. I went with a periwinkle blue for the first coat and a classic, clean white for the top.

Here's the cheater way to have an under coat peek through when you sand the top coat. I never like wasting paint or adding extra work. Instead of painting the whole table the undercoat I just use my favorite painting tool (my finger) to add dabs of color to whatever area I am going to sand and distress.
My favorite painting tool
Adding bits of blue to a few spots on the table. 
Use an old candle to add wax to the areas you want to highlight with  an under coat of color. 
Wax the top in a few places so the blue will show through. 
Paint the table white. I did two coats for coverage. 
Scrape lightly to remove wax and let the blue show through.
Then use the fine sanding block to remove a little more white.  
Here's some detail highlighted by distressing. 
The finished product. 
Lightly sand the whole table and polish with paste finishing wax for durability. 

Let a little wood show through in places for added interest. 
Hopefully this helps you save time and add some color to your next painting project!

Galeria CTR

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting Crafty: Easy Fall Decor

Here's a little something different than my usual furniture project. I've been having fun playing with burlap so I thought I'd share some easy DIY projects for your enjoyment. Best part is these are both 1. simple, 2. cheap (about $5-10 tops especially if you have a coupon), and 3. take about 15 minutes to finish. You kiddos can even help with the non glue gun part.

I found two different styles of wreath to show you. One is more clean and tidy, the other is a little wild. Choose whichever fits your style. Personally I like the "wild" one.

Step 1: Raid your local craft store for  all the burlap (also called "Jute") that you can get your hands on
I'm starting with my favorite, the "wild", or rustic, if you will, wreath. Both are very simple, this one is slightly more time-consuming.
                                           Wreath#1 Wild, Rustic Style

For our "wild one": You'll need an old wire hanger and about 2 yards of burlap, cut into 2" wide strips.

                                        Unwind and bend an old hanger into a circle shape. 
Fold burlap strips "accordion style" and push onto the wire circle. You'll need to wiggle the folded strip a little to get it on the hanger. 

Here's the finished wreath. I put about 25 strips on the hanger. You can finish this one off with some silk or dried flowers if desired. 

I got all of these at the dollar store. Pretty and cheap= win, win

Wreath #2 Elegant, with Clean Lines

Supplies needed: a frame to wrap your burlap around, 2 inch wide burlap ribbon, glue gun, extra burlap for flowers. 
I used a  dollar store wreath as the "frame" for this one. 
Finished "neat style" wreath. 
I used some scrap fabric and burlap to make this cute roses. Just twist the burlap around itself and hot  glue the bottom to make these. 
Hope I inspired you to try a simple, 15 minute project. Happy crafting everyone! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Furniture DIY Magic Tricks!

So many good intentions, and yet another month has past. I slap my own wrists for my neglect of this blog. But to try and make up for my absence I decided to come back with a BANG! How, you ask? With some lovely DIY magic using household items. I have spent many hours since we opened the shop learning the tricks of the trade for simple repair solutions. And I'm a giver so I am sharing my two favorites right here for your easy reference. Both take less than a minute in most cases!

#1 Fav: Iron Heat Mark Removal

This is an awesome trick for removing those annoying white marks from lovely wood pieces. Best part: it takes seconds to do!

Supplies: All you need is an iron and a cloth.

 1. Clean the wood with a little soapy water.

 2. Set the iron to medium high heat with steam (cotton on my iron).

3. Place clean cloth between iron and wood where there is a spot. On this piece you can see there are several spots to fix.

4. Set iron on cloth and move slowly back and forth for about 15 seconds.

5. Check spot, if it's still there repeat until it (magically) disappears.



See all the damage?
Spots be gone!
Before and after from left to right: original spot, treated with iron, polished with oil and vinegar
Fav # 2 Salad Dressing for your Furniture

What? Amazingly, oil and vinegar mixed together and used to polish wood is magic. You will not believe the luster and sheen returned to old pieces of wood. I have used this trick with nearly every antique we have gotten in and the results are instant. 

Supplies: Olive Oil, Vinegar, small container, and a clean cloth. 

1. Mix 1 part olive oil to 2 parts vinegar in a small bowl. Not exact measurements needed. 
2. Wipe on furniture in a circular motion.
3. Admire the beautiful results. 

Before: On the right After: on the left
Impressive results, right?
I hope these tricks will help you next time you see a tired vintage item in need of some TLC. 
More to come, promise. :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Project Updates!

Hi friends,
Did you miss me? I took a "little" break from the blog, but I am back and hopefully will be more consistent from here on out. From art teacher to business owner, who knew? I didn't and it is quite the adventure.
I just got back from the Las Vegas Market and am bursting with new ideas. It was such a great experience learning the new trends in furniture for 2014. We have been very busy working to make our little shop better than ever.

Here are a few updates of projects from the last few summer months.

Antique side table in turquoise  SOLD 
MCM 3 drawer dresser $249.99 
Antique Mirror SOLD
Vintage Frame SOLD
Writing Desk in Grey Enamel $219.99 
With chalkboard top
Vintage Bookshelf with Moroccan Design SOLD
Vintage Drop leaf in Signature Robin's Egg $129.99
Custom Painted 1940s Wardrobe SOLD

Antique 6 leg Entry Table in "Anthro" inspired finish $174.99 
Custom Painted and Uphoulstered Chairs SOLD
Handmade Cabinet in mint and navy $129.99
Vintage Storage Trunk in White Chalk Paint $99.99
As you can see, we've been busy! And these were just the highlights. If you saw something you love  that sold already, just email me at or call 773.332.4261 and we will recreate the look to fit your space.  

More fun involving pallets to come...

Thanks everyone, 

Galeria CTR